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Top 8 Beautiful Places to Visit In Ghizar Valley

Ghizer valley is a remarkable place in Gilgit Baltistan. The word Ghazir came from the name of “Gherz” which means refuge in the Khowar language. Gahkuch is the capital of Ghazir district.  Ghazir is a multi-ethnic district with three major languages. The people of ghazi were migrated from Gilgit, Chitral, Tajikistan, and Chander pass.

The major languages are shina, Khowar, and Burushaski. Historically two characteristics that come from the folk dresses of Ghazir are “Khoi” and “Shoah”. The region is famous for the glorious and marvelous lush land, mountains, rivers, and plains. The Valley is enriched with natural beauty due to which is considered as one of the wonderful places of Gilgit Baltistan.

It is an endless and snow abundant mountains having diverse vegetation and attractive geography. The crystal blue lakes are the glory of Ghazir valley. It is famous for its peace and enthusiastic features.

The Valley is embedded with numerous extraordinary places with incredible views some of them are.

  • Ishkoman Valley
  • Gupis Valley
  • Golaghmuli Valley
  • Yasin Valley
  • Punial Valley
  • Gahkuch Valley
  • Philander Valley
  • Chatorkhand Valley

Ishkoman Valley

Ishkoman is a high valley with beautiful nature in the Hindukush and Karakorum mountains of Gilgit Baltistan. Ishkoman is a place that connected Yasin and Schuurman valley through the high mountainous range. Ishkoman is a wonderful place occupying multi-linguistic and cultural values which make it more prominent in the rank of beauty. The Valley is sparsely populated, people experience diversity in Ishkoman. The Valley consists of major villages like Chatorkhand, Pakora, Burjungle, Immit, Dain, Bilhanza, and Borth.

Ishkoman Valley Ghizar
Ishkoman Valley Ghizar

The places are core factors enriched with tremendous beauty. The landscape is filled with greenery. The most interesting and amazing feature is the hospitality of people, in every situation, they warmly welcome their visitors. The Valley has diversity in language as well the major languages are Khowar, Burushaski, and shine. It is a general perception that the Khowar language is considered as a soft language. The Valley is full of infinite beauty.

Gupis Valley

A glimpse of heaven is found in Gupis valley. It is located in the west of Gilgit Baltistan on the bank of the river. The valley is filled with stunning and adorable sights. The waterfalls, forest, and lush green portray a charismatic view. One of the amazing and tremendous lakes found in Gupis valley known as “Khalti Lake”.

Gupis Valley Ghizar
Gupis Valley Ghizar

The lake is famous for being the habitat of court fish. The color of the lake during summer depicts the natural and charming view which inspired the visitors. Due to high altitude in winter the lake is freeze. The wonderful hostel is present near the lake which provides an amazing view by admiring their company as well. Some beautiful places of Gupis are which expand the beauty like Khali lakes, the stone circle of megaliths, Shingulot village, etc. The natural beauty is overloaded in the valley of Gupis.


Golaghmuli is considered one of the beautiful places of Ghazir valley.  The boundaries of Golaghmuli valley is lies on Chitral and north swat. The Valley is separated by a mountain range. It is a wonderful place with lovely plains and lush green lands. The people of Golaghmuli valley are simple and decent.

Golaghmuli Valley Ghizar
Golaghmuli Valley Ghizar

Golaghmuli valley is wide and center of pander. The main feature of this valley is its Mountain pass. Khowar is the native language of Golaghmuli valley and people have a little command to speak Shina, Urdu, and English. Elegance and dignity attract more visitors to the valley.

Yasin Valley

The valley of peace and glory is known as Yasin Valley. The Valley is wide, flat, more fertile, and filled with lush green fields, less amount of mountains are found in Yasin valley. The surround is filled with a precious view like the river that passes with wonderful flow. Although Yasin valley is a sparsely populated area bettered with numerous beauties. The people of Yasin are famous for their bravery, hardworking and honesty. The widely spoken language is Burushaski. The Valley is consists of amazing places choose Chiliharang, Damalgan, Gindai, Noh, Marka, Bujayat, Thodass, and so on.

Yasin Valley Ghizar
Yasin Valley Ghizar

The Valley is extraordinary and amazing filled with natural beauty. If someone wants to get rid of daily stress the place offers a peaceful and relaxing setting, the place is full of beauty. There are some places for trekking which people have an adventurous experience. It is a little harder to reach Yasin due to its unmanage route. Once you reached the breathtaking view inspired the visitor and them never to go back.

Punial Valley

Punial is a fabulous place in Ghazir valley. Which was derived from Shina language which has two meaning” Fertile land “and “bucket of fruits”? The first civilization is started from the brush. The Valley is fascinating and wonderful due to its meadows. It is on a high mountain. Punial belongs to Arian “Mazdausim”.

Punial Valley Ghizar
Punial Valley Ghizar

After brutal Shina language is becoming famous over the area. The people of Punial are famous for hospitality and honesty. The Valley is well-known for its traditional food like Diram, Tiki, Golai, Dishoow; the most remarkable food is Kilo.

The Valley is comprised of different villages Sher Qilla, Dalnat, Buer Gurunji, and so on. These villages have their significance and beauty.

Gahkuch valley

Gahkuch is one of the remarkable admiring places of Ghazir valley. It is the capital city of Ghazir district in Gilgit Baltistan. A city lies in Ishkoman valley. The area is enriched with the high mountains. Gahkuch is started from the China Bridge and ends at the suspension bridge of the valley.

Gahkuch Valley Ghizar
Gahkuch Valley Ghizar

The valley is famous for enduring activities like hiking, fishing, duck shooting in seasonal time. It would be a wonderful adventure for visitors. Gahkuch has two parts upper Gahkuch and Gahkuch pine both areas are blessed with millions of beauty.

Chatorkhand Valley

Chatorkhand is a small place in the Ishkoman valley District Ghazir. The Valley is occupied by high mountains, wandering rivers, Greenfield, lush green trees the amazing setting provides a breathtaking sight. The snow-capped mountains encircled the place. The filtering wind the amazing view give an inspiring sense.

Chatorkhand is a wonderfully neat and clean environment the people are more dedicating. The beauty of places makes them more value able. There are different hostels for tourists where they stay safe and enjoyed the glory of nature.

Phander Valley

Phander valley is the most adorable and stunning village of Ghazir valley. The place is restored by orchard and greenery. The village is comprised with flat and plain areas have high altitude. The mountain around the village is capped with snow. The streams flow through the wide green land fascinate the visitor.

Phandar valley Ghizar
Phandar valley Ghizar

The most attractive and remarkable feature of pander is its lake which is known as pander lake the charming surrounding inspired many tourists. The calm and peaceful environment gives much significance. On the spot of the lake, it provides space for camping. The charming weather the blowing wind the cheering birds give a sense of heaven.


The Ghazir valley is blessed with unlimited and numerous beauty. But it is a little harder to reach over there. Once route clear through the valley it would be a wonderful chance to explore extraordinary beauty.

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