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Chitral Valley

A Brief Introduction About Chitral Valley

 Situated in the extreme north of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan; is Chitral Valley also known as the Pearl of the north of Pakistan. It is said to be one of the most eccentric places residing among the majestic yet enchanting Hindukush range.

Chitral holding the harsh mountains accompanied by heavy glaciers also lush green valleys and dreamy meadows give you a mystic feel. This also makes it one of the most difficult areas to access. Chitral still is rich with some tourist attractions. A major attention seeker is Kalash Valley also known as “ the land of wearers of the black robe”. Being in Kalash is like being in another world as cultural and traditional contrast is very evident. Kalash has its own vibe with a variety of events and festivals. The drums can be heard from all over the valley.

Kalash has a further three valleys. Bumburet; which is famous among domestic tourists. It is the most developed area of the valley. Ramboor is less developed and Birir is the least developed with a few visitors only.

Gol National Park is another major tourist spot in Chitral. The park is home to astonishing wildlife such as wild goats and their subspecies, snow leopards, urial, black bears and Siberians ibex, wolves, red fox and otters. The common bird life seen in the park includes bearded vultures, falcons, eagles, snococks, pheasant and partridge.

The park also has large glaciers through with springs of snow water flow all the way into River Chitral. If you’re a history lover Chitral museum is a must stop. The museum preserves the original culture of Chitral with its beauty. The museum has two galleries. One gallery holds the costumes, ornaments, weapons, ceramics and household things to show their manner of living. The other part is mainly about the Kalash valley showing its architecture, wardrobe, jewelry and several antiques. If you carve historical touch more than a visit to the Shahi Mosque in Chitral town, built with strong Mughal architectural style is the right opt.

If you love games and are lucky enough to reach Shandur polo ground you might actually witness a polo tournament. The polo ground enlightens its visitors with the information and experience of the game. The tournament is held annually between Gilgit and Chitral also including dancing, camping and music. Another interesting place to visit in Chitral is Ayun village. It is mainly an administrative unit, irrigated by the Bumburet river.

The hospitality in Chitral is traditional and very much observant. The people here treat visitors with utmost generosity which is not much seen elsewhere. Traveling to Chitral may be difficult but it is definitely worth it.

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