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Naran valley

A Brief Introduction About Naran Kaghan

 Northern areas of Pakistan hold spellbinding beauty which is one of the reasons why they are one of the major tourist attractions in the world. Speaking of which, the name that pops up is Naran Kaghan. Naran is the medium-sized town of Kaghan Valley in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is rich with many tourist spots be it lakes and rivers or large mountain peaks.

When we speak of Naran Kaghan the one name that repeatedly comes up is Lake Saif Al Malook. The mountainous lake is famous for the love story of a prince and a fairy princess who got trapped in a cave during land sliding. The mystery of fairies still visiting the lake makes it even more fascinating. People from not only the country but abroad visit the lake to witness its dreamlike beauty.

Lake Saif al Malook is a true masterpiece of nature with crystal clear water surrounded by snow-covered mountains, the scene is no less than a painting. Another lake famous for its shape is the Ansoo Lake. It has the shape of a teardrop due to which is called Ansoo lake. It is said that one has to be lucky to behold its beauty because treking leading to the lake is dangerous and the visibility of the lake is minimum due to fog at such a high altitude.

An important tourist spot in Kaghan valley is Lalazar situated at the end of lake saif al Malook. It is a vibrant green plateau with beauty worth watching. One can just not miss to visit it. It is also the second most famous spot after lake saif al Malook.

Lulusar Lake is a very well known name in the list of tourist spots in Kaghan Valley. A number of visitors enjoy river rafting in this beautifully expanded lake with a soothing environment and picture-perfect scenery. Water from lake saif ul Malook feeds the River Kunhar, one of the famous rivers in Pakistan. It originates from Lulusar lake. River Kunhar is a magnificent piece of nature, icy cold water flowing from the river gives you an eye-catching scene that never fails to mesmerize the visitors. It is also said to be the backbone of the valley. Seeing river Kunar is a must once in a lifetime.

Noori top is also an important mention in this list. The top is a high mountain peak, the road to which is very steep and sharp with hairpin type turns which are narrow and dangerous gaining height after every turn. A hidden pearl of the valley is Saral Lake, with a trek long enough to camp overnight on the route. The two routes leading to the lake are from Noori top and the other from Dudipatsar trek.

Nature here is enthralling. Saral lake is said to have a twin lake under it and also feeds it. The place around the lake is adorned with small pink flowers making it nothing less than a dream sequence. Malika Parbat or the Queen of mountains is the highest peak of Kaghan Valley accessible from Naran and can be seen from lake saif ul Malook. It is marked as a technically difficult mountain to climb and not many have been able to reach its north peak yet it stands out to be gigantic and fascinating at the same time.

Another important mention is the Babusar top, which is a high mountain peak and is accessible through Naran, the road that leads to it gives visitors a dramatic feeling. Reaching the top you can see a bridge which symbolizes that it is the highest point of the valley surrounded on one side by the mountains of Kashmir and on the other side a captivating view of Nanga Parbat. 

A tour to Naran Kagha may seem like a visit to a small hill station but it holds much more to itself. The beauty of the valley is beguiling and cannot be put into words. One has to really travel to experience what it’s like.

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