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A Brief Introduction About Hunza

Tourism in Pakistan has expanded over the years and Pakistan is one of the countries holding exceptional hill stations, monuments, historical places, and much more. Hunza, located in Gilgit-Baltistan, is listed to be one of the most picturesque tourist sites in Pakistan. It truly portrays paradise on earth. If you ever plan a tour to Hunza, we’ll be listing a few tourist attractions you really need to visit on your trip.

Hunza is home to beautiful lakes, forts and peaks which are also the main tourist interests. These include: trekking to Altit and Baltit fort; both hold this gigantic structure with magnificent looks and are important landmarks of Hunza. Some of the most eye-catching lakes reside in this northern area, but the one knew is Attabad Lake formed by the 2010 land sliding happens to have blue-green crystal clear water and surrounded by high peaks with a beauty you can admire for hours.

A major part of Hunza Valley is a village named Karimabad. The small town known for its simplicity and ethnicity is mainly famous for its beauty and wildlife. Adorned with an ancient appearance and vintage aesthetic, the village is a must-stop for your trip. As you travel further, Passu is a place that must get your attention, a small place holding glaciers, mountains, and cones. Passu is famous for its Passu Cones, which is a range of cone-shaped mountains.

It is popular for turning golden when the rays of the sun fall on it, that is why they are also called sun swallowing mountains. Last but definitely not the least is the Khunjerab Pass, resting on the Karakoram highway among the Karakoram mountains, it is a border between Pakistan and China. The road to Khunjerab Pass runs through Sost village which holds importance for the transport between the two countries. It is also the last village of Pakistan and is surrounded by potential tourist spots.

Traveling through Hunza is a mesmerizing journey in itself with small villages every now and then, witnessing the exalting mountains covered with snow and melted glaciers. The valley alters its shades according to the season which makes it even more fascinating. One look is just not enough to do justice with all the beauty this place holds. To help you plan a trip we have given you a glimpse of places to add to your must-do list for your to Hunza.

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