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A Brief Introduction About Skardu

Pakistan is a beautiful place and its northern areas never fail to mesmerize you in any way. One such place is Skardu located in Gilgit Baltistan, over the Indus river separating Karakoram Range from the Himalayan Range. Skardu serves as a path to some of the largest glaciers in the world. It is a major tourist attraction in Pakistan. Every part of this city is aesthetical and amazes you at every point.

When planning a trip to Skardu, top your list with its ever so glassy lakes, important of which is the Satpara lake, the main lake of Skardu which supplies water to the valley, beautifully encircled by the icy mountains mirrored by its crystal water. The presence of Satpara Dam enlarges the lake. A small appealing island resides in the lake which can be reached by boat.

The lake offers boating, fishing and rowing to its visitors. The beauty of the lake can not be expressed in words, one has to actually visit it to really experience it. Another lake worth the mention in the list is the Kachura lake is a clear water lake with untouched beauty and mostly remains unexplored as it is difficult to reach it. The lower part of the lake is known as Shangrila lake residing within a resort with the same name built on the land where an airplane had crashed. The land around the lake is rich with flowers and fruits.

Traveling to the north of Skardu you can reach the second-highest plateau in the world, Deosai plains also known as the “ land of giants”, offering you Deosai National Park and Sheosar Lake, the very important tourist attractions and collateral personifications of nature and beauty. Deosai plains are home to amazing wild animals, migratory birds, medical species of plants and water springs. One interesting fact about the plains is that sometimes it snows in the summer.

The plains remain very mysteriously silent. Sheosar lake is one of the highest lakes in the world with an amusing view of snow-capped mountains in the background and field carpeted with flowers. Traveling further you reach K2, the second-highest mountain in the world, located on the China-Pak border, is difficult to climb. Reaching K2 is an amazing experience in itself even before you climb the peak, talking about its mesmerizing beauty is another story. Another important name is the Siachen glacier. In summers when the glacier slightly melts one can see the rose fields everywhere. Both India and Pakistan affirm hold on the Siachen region which makes the visit even more interesting.

Not only mountains, lakes, or glaciers, but Skardu also holds some beautiful forts with a vintage look. Skardu fort also known as the king of the forts, holds immense importance in the city because of its role as a shelter to forces during the first Kashmir war. Shigar Fort also known as the fort on the rock, is an old fort encircled by the cone-shaped rocks, has been converted into a museum and a hotel over the years. Khaplu Fort also known as the fort on the roof was also a palace with architectural heritage but now serves as a hotel.

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