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Swat Valley

A Brief Introduction About Swat Valley

For all the nature admirers who really want to witness heaven on earth, there is only one place to head for; Swat Kalam Valley. Set in the Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Swat is known for its heavenly beauty, history, and art, also called the Switzerland of Pakistan. It is a major tourist attraction of the country, accessible as the roads remain open throughout the year and the transport system has also been improved.

A vast cultural diversity can be seen in the area among the people here. Along the upper valley of Swat resides Kalam Valley mainly known to attract visitors for its lakes, waterfalls and verdant plateaus. The path leading to Kalam Valley through the mountains is the dream of every hiker offering great scenic views.

Kalam is well known for the Usho forests in the upper part of the valley of the same name; Usho hill station. It is rich with tall well preserved Deodar trees also the National tree of Pakistan. The forest is a gem to Kalam Valley. Another jewel to the beauty of Kalam is Mahodand Lake with a magnificent view it is the largest glacier lake in the valley. The lake is laid out in the Hindukush range offering boating, camping, and fishing to its tourists. The lake with snow-capped mountains and thick trees is an eye-catching view.

If you love small hiking to reach beautiful scenes then another amazing spot is the Spin khwar Lake, as the name says the lake is fed by the water flowing from the mountains, with the ecological beauty perfectly balanced it is a deep lake surrounded by mountains and coniferous trees, grazing cattle can also be seen to complete the picture.

The real fairyland on earth is the Khapero lake also known as the pari lake resides on a high altitude and has a myth of fairies visiting it making it even more intriguing. White Palace which now serves as a hotel in the small town of Margazar in Swat was built with white marble by the first king of Swat as he was compelled by the thick green trees and lush lawns of the town. The palace still holds a mesmerizing beauty surrounded by the luscious green scenery.

A very fascinating historical structure near Mingora, Swat; is the Shingardar Stupa, the largest Buddhist stupa in the Indian subcontinent which also makes Swat famous as the cradle of Buddha referring to the visit of buddha here for peace and harmony. The stupa is significant proof that people of ancient times followed Buddha. How can we ever not list the beautiful hill station Miandam which is home to a variety of medicinal plants not only beneficial but exotic at the same time?

A name worth mentioning is the beautiful Mankial Valley consisting of cultivated plains and famous for its sharp snowy peaks giving you an enchanting vision and dreamy atmosphere. A beautiful cluster of small and close-knitted houses is the town Bahrain in Swat district, with mild weather and is famous for its unique handicrafts. Malam Jabba is a place highly recommended if you’re looking for a specific tourist attraction in Swat. A hill station with an attractive ski resort also offering chairlifts, jet skiing, ice skating ad paragliding. It is a ravishing place with all the fun and adventure.

Swat Kalam altogether is an ultimate tourism prevailing, adventurous yet natural and seductress beauty to witness.

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