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Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit In Skardu

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit In Skardu

Skardu is one of the most glamorous and glorious places in Gilgit-Baltistan. It is known as the capital of Skardu city. Skardu borders are lies on China and India Kashmir. The people of the place where are a mixture of Tibetan and Caucasian and their language is Balti. The place abounds with natural resources and elegance.

The cluster of mountains having the snow-filled peaks and dunes wrapped the whole region, and become a central and attractive point for visiting. The high mountain is offering a chance to visitors climb for their curiosity. The majesty of places gives the dual aspect for a journey like by road and by Air. The air journey is full of thrill and suspense for visitors, the beneath view is incredible.

The over suspicious and wonderful mountains give limelight to the visitor. On other hand, there would be a little hard to reach by road to Skardu due to the construction of the highway. Are you looking for honeymoon tour to Skardu?

The Valley is reached with elegant places. Different environments and full of the natural beauty of the place attract thousands of tourists towards it. Most over it have several other places which make it more value able some of them are:

  1. Kalpana Cold Desert
  2. Manthal Buddha Rock Carving
  3. Satpara lake
  4. Kharpocho Fort
  5. Kachura lake
  6. Khaplu Valley
  7. Basho Valley
  8. Chaqchan Mosque
  9. Shigar Valley
  10. Deosai Plains

Katpana Cold Desert

Every place has its uniqueness and valve which help to promote it’s a valley. Here Katpana cold the desert is one of the most influential parts of Skardu, the high altitude and dune is the unique feature of the katana desert. Mostly dune is located near the Indus River which covered two deserts at once.

Kalpana Cold Desert in Morning
Kalpana Cold Desert in Morning

Those dunes are known for the cold desert to have high altitude and cold region. The sunset on dunes looks like shining gold. The granules of sand are not yellow these are white and give an amazing look. The scene is very extraordinary and miraculous to see. At the same time, it gives dry creation that is unbelievable the Katpana desert is considered the world’s highest desert in Skardu.

The area is pleasing due to its color full plantation, mountains, rocky plains, cold wind, curvy stream, waterfalls, and wonderful geography. The majority of people were wishing to visit a foreign country like Europe or Africa for marvelous places, but Skardu gives the same adventure in one package. It would be a mesmerizing experience for the tourist.

Manthal Buddha Rock

Tradition is one of the major factors of human life. Manthal Buddha rocks carving beautiful aspects of the past. Marshal Buddha rocks are located in Skardu cities. Once take look over the history different types of people were living in the area of Gilgit Baltistan and the monk’s community is one of them. For preaching purpose they search for flat and plain rocks on which they carve. After the 14th century when Islam spread over the region it converts the whole area to Islam. Buddhism faded away but their carving still existed and more valuable.

Manthal Buddha Rock
Manthal Buddha Rock

Until the reaching of British travelers to Skardu no one known about the carving. He mentions these carvings in his book and published it. People come to know about the beautiful place. The area is unique due to its religious background. The amazing and beautiful area surround makes it more attractive.

Satpara Lake

One of the site tourist attractions in Skardu is Satpara Lake. Satpara lake is one of the most elegant and adorable places in Skardu. The beauty of the lake is outstanding; the crystal clear water presents a fabulous picture view to visitors. The high mountain encircled the lake. The amazing story of the deliberation of water near to local people is that gold miners are in the bottom of the lake that is way it shines at day time.

Upper Kachura lake Skardu

The lake serves dual benefits, supply water for the whole area and the visitor can hire fishing. Fishes are present at a large amount. Recreational activities are done like fishing boating etc. In upcoming days Dam is constructed over the lake. And it would increase the beauty of the place. And still, it is very scenic.

Kharpocho Fort

Historical places lend a glimpse of the Ancient era. Kharpocho Fort is one of history place which indicates the value and living of people. Kharpocho fort means the king of the fort Skardu. The Fort is constructed by the king. The geography makes it more efficient and prominent in the city of Skardu.

Kharpocho Fort Skardu
Kharpocho Fort Skardu

The fort is built on a high mountainous area from where tourists can perceive a complete view of the area. Kharpocho Fort occupies ancient architects. There are rooms where tourists can enjoy a meal with their family. The place is a wonderful point for tracking. Sometimes people face problems due to the high of Fort. The surrounding of Kharpocho fort is full of natural beauty.

Kachura Lake

Kachura Lake is one of the remarkable places in Skardu. Kachura is a most glorious and fascinating lake which is embedded with natural beauty. The place has a peaceful environment that gives a marvelous feeling to visitors. There are two types of lakes upper Kachura lake and lower Kachura lake both have magnificent beauty and lovely scenes that inspired travelers.

Upper Kachura lake Skardu

The lake stares more attractive in autumn due to multi-colored leaves were falling on the bank of the lake. Kachura Lake entertains tourists by serving different activities like fishing and boating. The natural setting gives a fabulous view.

Khaplu Valley

Valley of beauty is known as Khaplu valley. Khaplu valley is also recognized as Ghanchi. The beauty of the valley increased due to additional factors like historic buildings, orchards fill with fruits, the blowing winds, and the highest peak.

Khaplu valley is the last kingdom of old Baltistan. The valleys are more important because of religious monuments like the great Kharqa prayer hall and Chaqchan Mosque. Nature molded the setup of Khaplu village.

Khaplu Valley
Khaplu Valley

Khaplu ValleyPeople show more hospitality they welcome visitors warmly. Once tourist enters the village they would never want to go back.

Basho valley

Basho valley ranks on the top beautiful places of Skardu. Which is filled with lush evergreen forest, the greenery of trees and pasture, the stream, the blowing wind gives a sense of heaven on earth. The high mountains are covered with snow throughout the year. The most significant feature of the valley provides a view of the dual mountainous range. One itself a mountain range and the other is Kararoam Mountain.

Basho valley Skardu
Basho valley Skardu

The meadow of Basho valley gives a scenic view. Nature gives chance to observe the natural beauty and blessings of God.

Chaqchan Mosque

Chaqchan Mosque is considered a beautiful place in Khaplu valley Skardu. It is old and has such a credible charm. The whole mosque is made of wood and the woodwork is amazing. The majority of visitors donate for the renovation to restore the cultural heritage and preserve its glory. Different architects had beautifully decorated the mosque.

Chaqchan Mosque Khaplu
Chaqchan Mosque Khaplu

The architecture of the mosque is means of attraction. It memorizes the old creativity of people that how much dedicated to their work. From time to time people were maintaining the interior part of the mosque. To preserve the chronology that gives a glimpse of history.

Shigar valley

Shigar valley is the most glamorous valley in Skardu with an incredible view all around. The beauty is enchanting, especially the lakes, forts, and the Katpana cold desert. It is spelled with natural beauty. The village and the people who live here are amazing. The whole beauty inhaled by this village.

Shigar valley
Shigar valley

The two famous rivers Basha and Braldu flow through the Shigar valley. The valley is a bulk of natural resources like Gemstones, medical plants, etc. The Valley is more valuable for their area.

Deosai Plains

Deosai Lake is an amazing place in Skardu. Having high altitude plains and know as a national park in the region of Gilgit Baltistan. These are considered as the home of the Himalayan. Deosai is a combination of two words Deo (gain) and saya (shadow). The place is full of natural beauty contains high mountains entire with snow. The fresh air and the stream and through the Plain’s make the wonderful view.

The beauty of Sheosar Lake Deosai Skardu
The beauty of Sheosar Lake Deosai Skardu


The places are a key factor of the area that describes the value and importance. Every place is unique from others having glorious beauty. And make the area economically strong. Beautiful places make people happier.

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