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Top 10 best places to visit in Hunza Valley Northern Areas Of Pakistan 2023

Hussaini Suspension Bridge

Hussaini Suspension Bridge
Hussaini Suspension Bridge

Welcome to the world-renowned Hussaini Suspension Bridge, the thrilling and adventurous bridge that has captivated the hearts of thousands of tourists every year. Nestled in the picturesque valley of Gulmit, this bridge is a true masterpiece of engineering and a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an adrenaline rush.

The Hussaini Suspension Bridge is not for the faint of heart. With its 400 steps spanning from one end to the other, it will test your nerves and challenge your courage. The bridge is not for those who are afraid of heights, as it is suspended hundreds of feet above the ground, swaying gently in the wind. But for those brave enough to venture across, the rewards are truly extraordinary.

As you make your way across the bridge, you’ll be treated to stunning panoramic views of the surrounding valley, with snow-capped mountains towering majestically in the distance. The bridge is stable and safe, but the thrill of the experience is inescapable. You’ll feel like you’re walking on air, with nothing but the steel cables and the wooden planks beneath your feet.

The Hussaini Suspension Bridge has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area, drawing visitors from all over the world who are eager to experience its unique brand of adventure. Hikers and thrill-seekers alike put their nerves to the test as they cautiously make their way across, each step bringing them closer to the other side.

If you’re ready to take on the Hussaini Suspension Bridge, be prepared to pay the small price of 200 Pakistani rupees for the ticket. It’s a small price to pay for an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Khunjerab Pass

Khunjerab Pass Hunza
Khunjerab Pass Hunza

Welcome to the majestic Khunjerab Pass, the gateway for trade and cultural exchange between Pakistan and China. This magnificent mountain pass, located at an elevation of 4,693 metres or 15,397 feet, is not only a vital trade route but also a popular tourist destination, open to the general public.

The Khunjerab Pass is the highest international border crossing in the world, and it marks the end of the Karakoram Highway, which runs from Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, to Kashgar in China. It’s an engineering marvel, cutting through some of the most rugged and inhospitable terrain on earth.

As you approach the Khunjerab Pass, you’ll drive through the stunning Khunjerab National Park, a vast nature reserve that stretches across the border between Pakistan and China. The park is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including yaks, ibexes, snow leopards, and even marmots.

Once you reach the Khunjerab Pass, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, with the stark beauty of the landscape stretching out before you. You’ll also get a glimpse of the customs posts on either side of the border, where Pakistani and Chinese officials work side by side to facilitate trade and cultural exchange between the two countries.

But the Khunjerab Pass is more than just a border crossing or a scenic viewpoint. It’s a symbol of the deep and enduring ties between Pakistan and China, two great nations linked by history, culture, and a shared commitment to peace and prosperity in the region.

So come and experience the wonder of the Khunjerab Pass for yourself, and witness the beauty and majesty of one of the world’s most remarkable mountain passes. You won’t be disappointed!


Karimabad Hunza
Karimabad Hunza

Welcome to the enchanting town of Karimabad, the capital of Hunza and one of the most beautiful settlements in Pakistan. This charming town welcomes you with its golden sand and breathtaking natural scenery, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a unique and unforgettable travel experience.

As you explore the town, you’ll be enchanted by the brilliant colors of the apricot and cherry trees that line the streets, adding to the festive and laid-back atmosphere of the place. The town has a rich cultural history, having once been the home of members of the Royal family, and this history is evident in the antique appearance of the houses and streets, which are made of beautiful stones.

But Karimabad is more than just a pretty face. The town is famous for its vibrant retail culture, and the Karimabad Small Market, held every day, is a great place to sample local products and goods. From fresh fruits and vegetables to traditional handicrafts and textiles, you’ll find something to suit every taste and budget.

As you wander through the market and explore the town, you’ll be struck by the warmth and hospitality of the locals, who are always happy to share their traditions and culture with visitors. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or simply want to enjoy the natural beauty of the region, Karimabad has something to offer everyone.

So come and experience the magic of Karimabad for yourself, and discover why this charming town is one of the most beautiful and unique destinations in Pakistan. You won’t be disappointed!

Altit Fort

Altit Fort Hunza
Altit Fort Hunza

Welcome to Altit Fort, a magnificent old castle located in the heart of the Hunza Valley, just a short distance from Karimabad. This ancient fortress has a rich history that dates back over 1100 years, and it was once the residence of the hereditary ruler of Hunza, who held the title of Mirs.

Today, Altit Fort is a fascinating museum that offers visitors a glimpse into the lives and traditions of the people who once lived here. The fort is a masterpiece of architecture and art, with intricate carvings, beautiful stonework, and stunning views of the surrounding valley and mountains.

Thanks to the efforts of the Aga Khan Culture Foundation, the grand design of Altit Fort has been updated and preserved for future generations, ensuring that this important heritage site will be enjoyed by visitors for many years to come. The fort is not just a place, but a living legacy that has grown and evolved over time, reflecting the rich history and cultural traditions of the people of Hunza.

As you explore Altit Fort, you’ll be transported back in time to a bygone era, when life was simpler and traditions were deeply cherished. From the beautiful architecture to the fascinating exhibits, there’s something here to capture the imagination of everyone who visits.

Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort Hunza
Baltit Fort Hunza

Welcome to Baltit Fort, another magnificent fort located in the Hunza Valley that is a must-see attraction for any visitor to the area. This stunning fortress has a rich history that dates back over 600 years, and it has undergone many rebuilds and adjustments over the centuries.

Baltit Fort is a fairy-tale-like castle that is perched on giant legs above Karimabad, making it a Hunza landmark that is instantly recognizable. The fort’s wooden bay windows offer breathtaking views of the surrounding valley and mountains, and its architecture and design are a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the people who built it.

As you explore Baltit Fort, you’ll be transported back in time to a world of knights, kings, and queens. The fortress is filled with fascinating exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of the people who once lived here and their traditions and way of life.

Whether you’re a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates beauty and elegance, Baltit Fort is a destination that is sure to capture your imagination and leave you with unforgettable memories. So come and experience the wonder of this magnificent fortress for yourself, and discover why it is one of the most treasured and unique destinations in the Hunza Valley.

Attabad Lake, one of the most stunning and mesmerizing sites in the Hunza Valley. Surrounded by the towering Karakoram mountains, the lake’s crystal turquoise waters are a sight to behold and leave visitors spellbound. The lake’s beauty is particularly striking during the spring season, when the surrounding hills come alive with vibrant colors and the air is filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers.

Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake Hunza
Attabad Lake Hunza

Attabad Lake is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, who come to experience its breathtaking beauty and serene atmosphere. The lake’s calm waters provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing boat ride or a peaceful walk along its shore.

The lake is also renowned for its unique history. It was formed in 2010 when a massive landslide created a natural dam across the Hunza River, blocking its flow and creating the stunning lake that we see today. This event was a tragedy for the local community, but it also gave birth to one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Pakistan.

Today, Attabad Lake is considered one of the finest lakes in Pakistan and a must-see destination for any visitor to the Hunza Valley. Its crystal-clear waters, majestic mountains, and picturesque scenery make it a place of unparalleled natural beauty and wonder. So come and experience the magic of Attabad Lake for yourself, and discover why it is one of the most beloved and iconic destinations in the Hunza Valley


Gulmit Village Hunza
Gulmit Village Hunza

Gulmit, one of the most important tourist destinations in the Hunza Valley. Nestled between the majestic Gojal valleys, Gulmit offers visitors a stunning panorama of the entire valley, complete with breathtaking views of the Passu cone and a kaleidoscope of natural colors that change with the seasons.

But Gulmit is more than just a pretty face. Visitors to the area can enjoy a wide range of activities, including mountain climbing, hiking, and sightseeing. The valley is home to a number of historic monuments and landmarks, including ancient forts, museums, and other cultural sites that offer a glimpse into the rich history and heritage of the region.

One of the most popular attractions in Gulmit is the Shimshal Valley, which is famous for its stunning natural beauty and its challenging trekking routes. The Chipursan Valley is another popular destination, known for its pristine mountain landscapes and unique local culture. The Misgar Valley is a hidden gem, tucked away in the heart of the Karakoram Mountains, and offers visitors a chance to experience the traditional way of life of the local Wakhi people.

For those seeking adventure, the Boibar Valley offers some of the most challenging trekking routes in the region, while the Khunjerab Pass provides a gateway to the stunning natural wonders of China’s Xinjiang province.

Whether you’re seeking breathtaking natural beauty, ancient cultural landmarks, or thrilling outdoor adventure, Gulmit has something for everyone. So come and explore the wonders of this beautiful valley for yourself, and discover why it is one of the most beloved and iconic destinations in the Hunza Valley.

Passu Cones

Passu Cones Hunza
Passu Cones Hunza

Passu Cones is truly a photographer’s paradise with its breathtaking view of the towering peaks and glaciers that surround the town. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the village and interact with the hospitable locals. The people of Passu are known for their traditional hospitality and warmly welcome tourists to experience their culture and customs. The village also offers some great local cuisine, including the famous Hunza apricots and dried fruits. Passu Cones is a must-visit destination for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and those seeking a peaceful retreat in the heart of the mountains.

Borith Lake

Borith Lake Hunza
Borith Lake Hunza

Borith Lake is truly a hidden gem in the Hunza Valley. The lake’s tranquil and serene atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for camping, fishing, and boating. Visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and glaciers, and the crystal clear water of the lake is perfect for swimming and kayaking. The area is also home to a diverse range of wildlife, including ibex, snow leopards, and Himalayan lynx, making it an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The nearby glaciers offer a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the natural beauty of the region on foot. A visit to Borith Lake is a must for those seeking a peaceful escape in the heart of the mountains.


Sost Village Hunza
Sost Village Hunza

Sost is an important town in Hunza, particularly because it is the last major settlement before the Pakistan-China border at Khunjerab Pass. Sost is a bustling town with a variety of shops, restaurants, and hotels, making it a convenient stopover for travelers heading to or coming from China. It is also a hub for trade and commerce between Pakistan and China, with a busy dry port handling goods and cargo.


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