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Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Naran Kaghan Valley

Naran Kaghan valley is a big size wonder-full valley that started from Balakot and ends at Babusar pass. The Valley is lush green and enormous conifer trees. The sloppy grounds are served with green herbs. The stunning and amazing surroundings are scenic for visitors. The famous feature of the Kaghan valley is its alpine climate. The clear lake, wild forest, wonderful flowers are the main factors of place.

The natural beauty is plugged in Kaghan valley. The Valley is assessable in summer but a block in winter due to the high range of snowfall. The whole area is covered by glaciers. The glacier started to melt in February and again open until September.

The Kaghan valley is more popular due to its marvelous places like

  1. Balakot Valley
  2. Lulusar lake
  3. Saif ul Muluk lake
  4. Lalazar Valley
  5. Sharan Valley
  6. Malika Parbat
  7. Babusar Top
  8. Noori Top
  9. Dudipastar lake
  10. Ansoo lake

Balakot valley

Balakot is a beautiful place in Kaghan valley. The place is on a high altitude that offers two seasons of winter and hot summer. The uniqueness of the winter is heavy rainfall as compared to other places. The massive destruction takes place due to a huge earth quack.

The place is demolished but with time the place is rebuilt again. The vastly prominent hotel of Balakot is Demanchi Balakot that builds on a high mountain with having an impressive view. It offers a stunning view of Kaghan valley, the hospitality of Kaghan is famous.

Balakot valley
Balakot valley

Nature had blessed every place with natural beauty and qualities. Lulusar is the most popular Lake having beautiful and higher altitudes. The “Sar” is a Pashto word that means “Top’ or peak. The water of the lake shines like a diamond and reflects the surrounding. Lulusar is certainly the name of the mountain that contains a lake.

The lake is a major source that flows through Kaghan valley and joins the Jhelum River. The beautiful mirror image of the sky and mountain gives delights full view. The snow enriched the mountains that covered the lake. It is a beautiful breathtaking lake the mesmerizes the view.

Saif ul Muluk Lake

Saif ul Muluk Lake is the most incredible place in Kaghan valley. The valley is full of treasure for which the majority of people were interested to visit here. Saif ul Muluk is an adorable and amazing spot for visitors. The place is encircled by a cluster of mountains that are capped with snow. The top of Saif ul Muluk presents a wonderful image of a mountain that reflects in crystal clear water, the view is mesmerizing.

Saif ul Muluk is known for its famous fictional story. The lake is a mixture of different glaciers water, have a variety of ecosystem. Different sea animals are found in this lake. Due to snowfall, the majestic lake is freeze during winter. Once tourism started it offers joy-full activities for visitors. The place is full of beauty.

Lake Saif-ul-Muluk Naran Valley
Lake Saif-ul-Muluk Naran Valley

Lalazar is considered the most attractive place in the Kaghan valley. The green meadow is located in the upper Kaghan Valley in the Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is a wonderful and fantastic place filled with alpine tresses and white-colored full flowers. Lalazar is an adorable place where people make high-quality photography. The elegant weather and scenic impression had stolen the heart of visitors.

The place is not easily accessible due to the sloppy, dumpy, and unmanageable routes. The only jeep can be reached over there. Once on reaching the top it gives owe some and unforgettable view.

Sharan Valley

Northern Areas of Pakistan is full of natural beauty. Sharan is a wonderful and adventurous place for visitors. Sharan is enriched with forest and lush green meadows. It provides a pleasant environment the pleased the visitors.

Sharan Valley
Sharan Valley

The beauty of sharing is accumulated due to the Sharan forest. Sharan forest is a marvelous place with a lush green plateau. Different types of plants and trees make their house in the forest. The forest is fastened by natural beauty and the waterfall gives an amazing view that is the core of temptation.

Malika Parbat

Malika Parbat is one of the famous peaks of the Kaghan valley. The view from Malika Parbat is delightfully full of the extensive view of Saif ul Muluk that reflects the whole images of mountain and sky is accomplished from the peak of Malika Parbat.

Malika Parbat
Malika Parbat

The peak is capped with snow like a silver fine line. The first time the peak is climbed by Pakistani Rashid Butt and Omer Bin Abdul Aziz. The temperature is on its height level at Malika Parbat. Still, it looks remarkable.

Babusar Top

Babusar Top is the most thrilling and adorable mountain range of Kaghan valley. The beauty of the place is due to the high mountain covered with heavy snow and marvelous landscape. The cloud is touching the sky the panoramic view gives the wonder-full feeling. The surrounding is filled with the h cold atmosphere it is difficult to bear but the sense is unexplained able that you feel like standing on heaven.

The whole scenario of Babusar has filled your life with unlimited joy and help to reduce worldly stress. The delightful view inspired your soul. The natural atmospheres increased the glory of Babusar and persuade the tourist. Thousands of tourists visit Babusar top in a banana a single year. People want to visit here again and again due to its beauty. Looking for a family tour to Naran Valley?

Noori Top

Noori top is a high mountainous top situated in Kaghan valley. It is the second-highest peak in Kaghan valley with a high altitude. The place is beautiful but the route is risky. The surface is occupied by mud, rocks, and water streams. Take care while driving. A Driver has to conscious and drives slowly, only one vehicle can move on the route.

Noori Top Naran
Noori Top Naran

On other hand have people experienced a lot of scenic views and amazing snow-capped mountains. This pass was built by Army during the Kargil war. The top of Noori provides a wonderful view of Kashmir and Kargil Mountain. The best season to visit Noori Top is July to September.

Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar is the peace of heaven on earth. The Dudipatsar is an amazing and wonderful lake. It is considered as earth’s eye the depth of the lake explains its natural beauty. Usually, it lies in Kaghan valley. The lake is enriched with beauty, glamour, and stunning nature. The majority of people including artists are fascinated by the magnificent charm. Looking for a trip to Dudipastar valley you are in right place.

Dudipatsar Lake Naran Valley
Dudipatsar Lake Naran Valley

The lake is encircled by snow-filled mountains. Dudipastar Lake provides a calm and relaxing environment to its visitors. The beauty admires the visitors and attracts them toward it. The lake is small but more valuable and beautiful.

Ansoo Lake

Ansoo Lake is another glorious place in the Kaghan valley. The Ansoo is an Urdu word that means “teardrop”. The lake is positioned near Malika barbat. The name is designed that the shape resembles a teardrop. In summer when the ice melts it flows like a tear from Lake. Ansoo Lake ranked in worlds famous lake.

Ansoo Lake
Ansoo Lake

The lake is a tremendous gift from nature which gives a sense of humor. The beauty and the texture is the driving force of attraction to tourist.


Nature has a set of rules that blessed every place with scenic and wonderful views which help people to realize what the actual means is. Beauty describes the importance and value of places.

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