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A Brief Introduction About Shogran Siri Paye 

Pakistan is rich with beautiful mountain peaks, lush green plateaus, verdant fauna, and astounding wildlife. All this can be explored with a little effort and passion. Naming one of the famous hill stations in Pakistan one can never miss Shogran and Siri Paye.

The places are just as unique as their names. Shogran is a small hill station in the Mansehra district with its harvested lawns one can be mesmerized by nature for hours. The passage leading to Shogran is very dangerous and rocky surrounded by pine trees but it is totally worth its scenic beauty you witness once reached. Traveling to a slightly higher altitude through a much steeper path you reach Siri Paye.

The place is also known for its Siri Lake and Paya Lake surrounded by high peaks residing close to each other. The lakes are famous for a story about their origin as it is said that a Sufi threw the head and feet of a goat he sacrificed thus creating the Siri and Paya lakes respectively.

Garnering the frames of beautiful snow-capped peaks, clear lakes, a peaceful environment and a laid back vibe, Siri Paye is true bliss. The iconic place of the Shogran valley is the Makra Peak which is said to resemble a spider when covered with snow gives a spectacular vision of Kashmir. It is a moderate top with a slightly difficult trek.

One interesting spot to visit in Shogran Valley is Musa ka Musalla. Yes Musa ka Musalla, is the name to a mountain between Siran and Kaghan Valley famous for the myth of a man named Musa who prayed there daily and eventually died there. Upon reaching the junction one can see a shrine also said to be that man’s shrine.

Not only for this but the place is also known for the variety it offers such as a dry bath, water stream, lush bushed, heavy forest, and snow. The place is just like a fairyland, never fails to amaze you at any point. When talking about the vibrant beauty and greenery of trees, how can we ever forget the Malkandi forests, a reserved forest for preservation and controllable use only, is a must stop in your travel plan.

Even though there are a number of beautiful hill stations in Pakistan but if you want to go for a nonpollutant and peaceful place then Shogran is a perfect pick.

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