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A Brief Introduction About Mushkpuri Top

 The majority of people who love to travel or are nature lovers prefer mountainous regions. Some of the most majestic yet beautiful peaks reside in Pakistan, one of which is Mushkpuri Top in Nathia Gali Hills. Mushkpuri is the second highest peak of the Galiyat.

It is famous for a myth that it is related to Hindus Mahabharat and was known as the place of salvation of the Mahabharata heroes from ancient times, thus making it even more intriguing. It offers its visitors flowery meadows carpeting the land with such elegance, it is a pure sight to watch.

The trek leading to the peak is a spiral one surrounded by tall pine trees throughout the top. Mushkpuri top is an eccentric spot to witness nature, a true blessing for all its visitors.

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