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Kumrat Valley

A Brief Introduction About Kumrat Valley 

The beauty of Pakistan is a marvelous one, which is a major reason for increasing tourism in the country over the years. As we talk about a number of amazing tourist attractions, residing in Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the alluring Kumrat Valley known for its deodar forests, snow-covered mountains and prolific pasture is a flawless beauty in itself.

The valley offers a vast number of tourist and camp spots. On your way to traveling to Kumrat valley, one can witness beautiful waterfalls between the mountains, it makes you feel connected to nature. Also, home to wildlife, Kumrat valley is home to monkeys, leopards, ibex, pheasants, jackals, monal, deers ad chakors. Kumrat will simply hypnotize you for the good.

Panjkora is a beautiful river head by the glaciers of the Hindukush mountains and flows into the Swat River in the Malakand District. The valley around the Panjkora river is known for its Gandhara culture. The river is home to some beautiful species of trout which includes the Rainbow and Brown trout.

Kumrat Valley is no less than a piece of heaven and Jahaz Banda meadows perfectly portray how. Jahaz Banda composed of tall trees, lush pastures and huge mountain peaks and beautiful waterfalls. Trek to the meadows is just like grass carpeted which makes the ascent easy and when you reach the meadows the view of blue sky, heavy clouds and majestic mountains welcomes you to the glory of nature.

In the upper parts of the Jahaz banda is the Katora lake, a glacial lake. The lake gets its name from its bowl-like shape. An interesting wooden canal is built in the Kumrat valley, with wooden fences to make way for the flowing water. The wooden canal gives a very aesthetic feel of the old times with the loud gushing water hitting the fence every now and then. Its beauty is just unexplainable, speaking of which we can not miss the Do kala chasma. They are actually two water streams flowing parallel to each other in the beautiful valley surrounded by huge peaks and graveled land. The scenic beauty is spellbinding.

A mention here that needs to be highlighted is the Badagoi Pass. The beautiful passage surrounded by green carpeted rocky mountains connects the Kumrat with Kalam Valley.

The serenity and peace of Kumrat valley really drift to you another world. Whatever the eye sees looks just like a dream sequence. One can just not get enough of the beauty. As Kumrat is a less explored tourist spot, people should really visit Kumrat to witness its exceptionality.

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