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Fairy Meadows

A Brief Introduction About Fairy Meadows 

One of the most talked-about tourist spots in Pakistan is the Fairy Meadows named by the German climbers is a pasture in the Diamir District of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is a declared National Park by the Government of Pakistan due to its beauty, greenery, and fauna and is an excellent revenue generator from tourism.

Fairy Meadows is known not only for its exceptional beauty but also for offering a spectacular view of the great Nanga Parbat. The meadows are adorned by alpine trees, shrubs, willows, conifers, oaks, and a few species of pinus. The endangered species of musk deer and brown bears can also be sometimes found on the top.

Visitors love hiking the trek leading to fairy meadows, for people who drive up the peak find the road gravel and steep, narrow on the turns, and very thin when near the peak. Traveling through this road is preferred in summers when it is clear and for most of the year, it remains closed to prevent life endangerment. This has lead to name the trek as the road of death, one has to be very cautious and concentrating while driving up the high altitude. But as it is said that adventure is all it takes to see the spellbinding masterpieces of nature and Fairy Meadows is one of them for sure.

Another spot to visit on your tour to Fairy Meadows is the Beyal Campsite, located just a few kilometers away from the meadows. The camp is land to a number of hotels and lodges also known as the Fairy Meadow Cottages giving you easy affordability. These cottages are also known as Pari Mahal or Fairy Palace. The beauty of meadows can be beheld from the campsite is such a delightful sight to the eyes.

If you manage to take in the mesmerizing beauty of the meadows and plan to explore further then travel to the Raikot bridge settled on the Indus River and take yourself to Nanga Parbat. Raikot bridge is basically a gateway to Nanga Parbat Base Camp but is also an important point to reach Fairy Meadows.

Nanga Parbat is also known as the naked mountain is an isolated rage because of its dangerous climbing. It is the second-highest peak in Pakistan most appropriately known as the king of the mountains. Where it is one of the most dangerous mountains to climb, surprisingly Nanga Parbat Base Camp is an easy site to trek to. You can witness heavy grey clouds dancing on the peak of the mountain once you reach the site. The Base camp is the site where troops get ready to trekking the killer mountain; Nanga Parbat.

If you’re confused with so many wonderful hill stations to visit, pen dow Fairy meadows at the top of your list and you’ll never regret it.

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