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Astore Valley

A Brief Introduction About Astore Valley

Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan is home to a number of tourist spots with mesmerizing beauty and spellbinding nature. Every district of Gilgit is explorable and enthralling to its best, one of which is Astore. Astore valley resides in the Astore district of Gilgit. The valley has an accessible glacier of Siachen. The valley is easily reachable from the route of Islamabad and is connected to the Indian part of Kashmir.

Astore Valley is a remote part of the town with the aesthetic of historical paradise as some of its foreign tourists call it. Not many people have known about the variable beauty of the valley with a great trek and contrasting culture which is not much experience till date. It has huge geographical dimensions and has a lot to offer such as plains, rocky hills, Astore rivers, fertile meadows, topping it off with an incredible view of the great Nanga Parbat. The overall sight of the valley is very majestic and gives the feel of larger than life scale. The valley is a blessing for people who have managed to walk through its amazingness.

A wonderful vacation spot located a few kilometers away from Astore is the Rama meadows. Rama meadows are an enchanting and peaceful place to be at. The beauty is picturesque with cattle grazing at the green pastures among the snow-covered mountains. Rama meadows have higher ridges than Astore valley with a scented atmosphere that is one of the characteristics of the place. It is home to a variety of medicinal plants and bewildering wildlife. Just a turn away from the meadows is the striking Rama Lake.

Talking about the beautiful Astore district, a name worth mentioning is Rupal valley, rich with lakes, peaks, glaciers and rivers of its own name. The valley has a peak of the same name, the Rupal peak, a part of the Himalayan Mountain Range which is surrounded by Laila Peak and Shaigiri but is still overshadowed by Nanga Parbat. In summers the snow from these peaks flows into Rupal Glaciers which feeds the Rupal River and eventually reaches Indus.

Minimarg is a small village in Astore District, with its blazing scenic glory and occasional clouds, it is interesting to know that the village is located near the Indian border. The village has a paradise-like look perfectly presenting the mountains of Domail. The only thing to be kept in mind while traveling to Minimarg is the permit as it resides crucially near LOC.

If you anytime manage to walk on the land of Minimarg do witness the Rainbow Lake, which is famous for its changing color through the day. The last stop in Astore is the Chillam Valley, a crop yielding land with a number of streams portraying the beauty that it truly is with all the perfect shades of nature. All of the Astore District is the least visited part of the Gilgit but definitely deserves more tourism. If Gilgit is a place you want to explore don’t forget to travel through the Astore District.

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