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Journeying to Gilgit Baltistan: An Insider’s Guide to Must-Visit Destinations

Nestled in the heart of Pakistan’s northernmost region lies Gilgit Baltistan, a land of diversity and contrast. Divided into three distinct regions – Baltistan, Gilgit, and Diamer – each area is a world unto itself. In Baltistan, Skardu reigns supreme as its capital, where the air is thick with the sound of the melodious Balti language. Meanwhile, Diamer remains a mystery, shrouded in an air of unexplored enigma, where the Shina language dominates and Chilas stands as its capital. The Gilgit region, on the other hand, is a melting pot of cultures and languages, with Gilgit city at its helm and Shina, Burushaki, Wakhi, and Khowar spoken in its streets. Gilgit Baltistan is a destination of endless discovery and an open invitation to uncover the secrets of the north.

Division (capital) District
Baltistan (Skardu) Ghanche (Khaplu)
Gilgit (Gilgit City) Gilgit
Diamer (Chilas) Diamer (Chilas)

Bucket List Of Tourist Spots In Gilgit-Baltistan

Division District Tourist Locations
Baltistan (Skardu) Ghanche Khaplu Fort
Chaqchan mosque
Thalay La
Hushe Valley
Shigar Shigar Fort
Amburiq Mosque,
Blind Lake
K2 and Eight Thousand-er
Gondagoro la,
Baltoro Glacier,
Biafo Glacier
Kharmang Manthoka Waterfall
Skardu Lower and upper Kachura lake,
Kharpoucho Fort
Satpara Lake
Manthal Buddha
Basho Valley
Shangrila Resort
Gilgit (Gilgit City) Gilgit Naltar Valley
Kargah Nala
Buddha Rock Carving
Gilgit bazar
Haramosh Valley, Kutwal Lake
Ghizer Khalti Lake, Phander Lake,
Karombar pass
Hunza Altit Fort, Baltit Fort,
Ganish valley
Karimabad valley,
Chipursan valley, Shimshal valley,
Batura Glacier, Kunjerab Pass
(Pak China Border & National Park,
Sost Bazar, Borith lake,
Attabad Lake, Suspension Bridge
Nagar Rakaposhi, Rush Lake
Hispar Pass, Diran Peak
Spantik Peak (Golden Peak)
Hoper Glacier
Sumayyar Valley
Minapin valley
Gupis–Yasin Darkot pass, Thoi pass,
Broghil Pass
Assumber Pass
Iskhoman Valley
Diamer (Chilas) Diamer (Chilas) Fairy Meadows,
Nanga Parbat
Babusar Pass
Mazeeno Pass
Jaglot (Meeting point of
the three mountain Ranges),
Astore Rama Lake, Rama Meadows,
Minimmerg Valley,
Rainbow lake,
Domel Valley
Sheosar Lake

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